Wishlist for my Matrix client
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Wishlist for my WIP Matrix client

  • Sliding sync (and other Matrix 2.0 features)
  • Actions in bulk for every room in a space
  • Friends (not part of the Matrix spec so would be specific to this client)
  • Spaces
  • Custom emojis (really just images though, could be hosted on the leetchat server?)
  • User CSS/JavaScript
  • Allowing UI elements to be moved and positioned freely.
  • Discord Inbox feature
  • Mass-delete functionality
  • Download more data than we need, so that if the user tries to request data we can download more data while showing the already downloaded data. Should make the client feel a lot snappier.
  • Option to automatically delete messages you send after a certain amount of time has passed.

Because it will be partially hosted on a web server, we can add (some) stuff that isn't actually part of the Matrix spec. See https://git.speedie.site/speedie/libleet for progress.