Jacob 7f99d8dff6 Switch from Meson to CMake.
While some people think CMake is satan's build system, I believe it's
more hackable, and while that doesn't really matter for this project,
I'd prefer if most of my projects use the same build system.

Meson has also been problematic in the past if you use an older version,
particularly with finding dependencies. CMake is a pseudo-standard, so
it should be a better match for what I want to do.
2024-04-14 16:49:35 +02:00

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Combine and separate text files


  • C++17 compiler
  • meson build system


  • mkdir build/ && cd build
  • cmake ..
  • cmake --build .

If you want to install biner rather than build it:

  • cmake --install .


Run biner -c file1 file2 file3 ... -o combined to combine a few text files and output it to combined. If the -o parameter is omitted, it will be output to standard input.

When editing the combined file, make sure to keep the biner markers intact. Otherwise biner will fail to combine them.

To split the files, run biner -s combined. This will output the same files in the current directory.

See -h for more information.


Copyright(c) speedie 2024

This project is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

See LICENSE file for more information.