Everything required to run my site.
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Everything required to host my site on your own.


This repository is no longer used. My website has been replaced with a csgen instance. Do not submit contributions to this repository.


  • php
  • Web server (not required for testing)


You can test the page using php -S localhost:1337 and opening http://localhost:1337 in your web browser.

Crontab notes

If you want to git pull every minute, you can do the following:

  • sudo crontab -e to edit the crontab file
  • Add */1 * * * * su -s /bin/sh <your user> -c '/usr/bin/gitpull.sh' to the file.
  • Add the following to /usr/bin/gitpull.sh
cd /var/www/page
cd speedie.site # assuming /var/www/page/speedie.site is the git repository
git pull origin master > /tmp/gitpull_speedie.site # log file


The blog is handled by blog.php. It also generates rss.xml on execution if the result differs from the existing file. To add new blog posts, add a new Markdown article to /articles. You must also create a .md.date file for the new page. The .md.date contains the date, in YYYY-MM-DD format. It is used for RSS feeds, and for sorting.


To contribute, simply create an issue or submit a pull request. You know how it works.


License for almost all PHP is GNU General Public License version 3. The license for blog.php is MIT though, see LICENSE.blog.