My neovim configuration for C++ programming and Markdown writing
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My personal neovim configuration. Designed to be an IDE replacement for me. If you prefer something lighter, check out my speedie-vim configuration instead.

If you plan on using this, I recommend that you fork it and make it your own rather than relying on upstream which can change whenever I feel like it. This is not a NeoVim distro. It is my opinionated dotfiles for Neovim


  • Fully configured in Lua
  • Easy, clean and concise configuration file
  • Neovim-native LSP for different languages (default: HTML, CSS, C, C++, PHP, Lua and Markdown)
  • Language syntax highlighting (using Treesitter)
  • Tabs (using barbar)
  • Doom-One colorscheme (using doom-one.vim)
  • Automatic code formatting (using autoclose, conform, indent-blankline)
  • Git integration (using Neogit)
  • Built-in file manager (using nvim-tree)
  • Nice keybinds for working with splits
  • Easy translating (using nvim-translate)
  • Built in keyboard layout and spell check switching (default: English (US) and Swedish)


  • Neovim 0.9 or later.
  • curl.
  • Good internet connection so you can download things.
  • Preferably also nerd fonts, or stuff might look a bit weird.
    • To install them, you can use the included script.
  • miscfiles (For word completion)

Installation (Linux/macOS/BSD)

Run ./ Note that this will remove your existing Neovim configuration so if you care about it, back it up before running the script.

To uninstall, simply remove ~/.config/nvim/ (and optionally ~/.local/share/nvim)

Installation (Windows)

Run .\install.ps1. Yes, this will also remove your existing Neovim configuration.


If you want to fork it like I told you to, make a fork, change the remote, and run ./ whenever you want to upload your fork to the remote. This automatically copies in the dotfiles.